Lexy Printing Technology

Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology is a technology developed and patent applied by the Lexy Printinnovate Private Limited. Lexy Technology uses a specially coated media to print image using branded wide format printer and then it is further transferred to the material using respective Lexomer (our brand of polymer solvents). This will then be protected using another Lexomer to prevent from scratches and other ware and tare. So this lexy technology is considered to be the best method to print on flat surfaces.

Using Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology, Technology receivers can print on marble, granite, tiles, wood, gypsum board, pvc foam sheets and so on.

Lexy will further introduce the floor printing and wall printing in course of time.

Facility to print on each of these materials is offered as different Technology receivers module depending upon the budgets and requirement of the Technology receivers applicants. And you can check what we deliver along with each printing machines.
Benefits of Lexy Print Transfer Technology

Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology is used for different applications as below:

* Print and convert white marble as Marble Gemstone Slabs.

* Print Portraits on Granite Slabs.

* Print Portraits on Marble Slabs.

* Print Color Images on Glass Furniture.

* Manufacturing Printed Glass Tiles.

* Print Portraits on Glass for Architectural Applications.

* Print on Wooden Furniture and Doors.

* Print Colorful Images on Ceramic Tiles.

* Print on Gypsum Boards for False Ceiling Application.

* Print on PVC Sheets for various applications.

* Print on Existing Wall and Floor.

The Above applications increases the value of the products by printing colorful images on these substrates.

Lexy Technology is so flexible and it can be used to print at the place of installation.

These Prints will have scratch proof tough coatings on the printed surface.

These Prints will have glossy or semi matt or matt finishing as per the customers requirement.

Prints will be of high resolution and as per color profile standards.

These Lexomers used in these Prints are non polluting.

Lexy Polymers will be clear and the transparency will be as such for minimum 2 years.

Other Facilities of Lexy Print Transfer Technology
Lexy Solvent Print Transfer Technology is used for manufacturing the following products.

*Marble Top Furniture

*Granite Top Furniture

*Wooden Top Furniture

*Glass Top Furniture

*Gypsum Board false Ceiling

*Gypsum Board Wall Partition

*Stage Backdrops

*Stage Decoration

*Indoor sign Board

*PVC Door

*PVC Lifesize Cutout

*Product display Panel


Our Printing Machines
We deliver this unique printing technology and print machines throughout India.The following is the list of our machine which facilitate to print on tiles, granite, marble, wood, glass and gypsum board.

Tiles Printing Machine

Granite Printing Machine

Marble Printing Machine

Glass Printing Machine

Wood Printing Machine

Gypsum Board Printing Machine