Technology Opportunity

Lexy Printinnovate is growing rapidly and wishes to expand its existing horizon across Tamilnadu and all over India. We are looking for individuals with vast or no experience in printing industry. If you have it in you, we can help you shake hands. You can partner with us as a technology receiver. The possibilities are limitless and the rewards are great. Lexy Printinnovate offers manufacturing technology with low investment business model and can be fully operational within 4 weeks of the lexy technology agreement being signed. Lexy Printinnovate is projected for a growth curve that's meeting new benchmarks in the Printing Industry. So Lexy technology is being considered one of the best technology opportunity in Tamilnadu and all over India among the aspiring entrepreneurs and business starters.


1) Factory Model

Space Required

Area needed to Operate Lexy Technology outlet:

1000 sq. ft. to 1500 sq. ft. (interior or exterior area)

Preferred Locations

Lexy has dream to spread to good work of quality interior products at low cost throughout India without over-saturating the market and we are actively seeking locations that are in of such Quality Interior Products. The Location of our Technology Receiver Factories is crucial to our success. Our Technology Receiver Factory’s are located in selected industrial sheds and prime places near the city which meet the Lexy standard of excellence. Our property team identifies and assesses location opportunities, taking into account such as easy reach, raw material availability, transportation facility, labor availability, rent and so on.

Lexy Technology Benefits

Association with an Developing Brand

Opportunity to join a patent owned concept

Assistant on Site selection and negotiations on behalf of technology receiver

Factory designing and assistant on Factory construction

Comprehensive Training Support

Monitoring of work in progress

Backed by our industrial expertise of over 20 years

On-going product training and Development from time to time

Regular support of innovative designs and textures for print order

Prompt supply of raw materials and chemicals as and when required

Professionally trained operations team to Guide technology receiver in their business